Bath Trends

Easy maintenance and cleaning are at the forefront of bath trends this year.

mixed metal a bath trend

New Bath Trends adding mixed metals

  • Undercounter and console sinks for vanities are on-trend.
  • White remains the dominant color for bathroom sinks.
  • 2020-2021 is likely to bring sinks that incorporate more mixed metals such as copper or cast iron, hand-painted sinks or those with textures and patterns.
  • Matte black and warm brass will be trending faucet finishes in the coming year.
  • Skirted one-piece water closets will increase in popularity because they are easy to clean.
  • Self-cleaning toilets will grow in popularity as will toilets that feature integrated bidet functionality.
  • Free-standing system tubs that offer jets, whirlpool capabilities and heated surfaces.
  • Color and shape options for tubs will continue to grow and give homeowners the ability to truly customize their bath.
  • Wallpaper will gain traction as a means for homeowners to make personal design statements, especially in smaller spaces such as a powder room or foyer.
  • Open, curbless showers are expected to increase in popularity.
  • Mixed textures and finishes will expand the spectrum of visual interest in the bath exemplified by combinations such as matte black faucets and warm brass pendants.
Industrial Chick Bath Trend

Industrial Chic is another trend we are noticing particularly in downtown Denver. Exposed pipes and trough sinks are standard features of industrial-inspired baths. One key to making the industrial look work is to embrace the mantra that less is more. We advise our clients to be judicious in their use of decorative pieces in an industrial motif. Industrial style requires paying attention to the design’s raw, unfinished components such as combining a wood ceiling with exposed plumbing or drawing attention to framed shower doors. We recommend playing up the bathroom’s aesthetic by adding accents wherever possible without overdoing them.

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