How To Leverage Trends to Create a Dream Kitchen and Bath

Our showroom tracks the most recent remodeling trends for kitchens, baths and remodeling in order to increase the value we provide to homeowners in Arvada, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Denver.   

Understanding trends helps to future proof a remodel, ensuring that a new kitchen or bath remains relevant and attractive for many years.  A number of trends also focus on improving functionality through open layouts, integrated technology and enhanced aesthetics. Understanding these functional trends allows homeowners to create  a more practical, hard-working kitchen and bath.

Keeping our fingers on the pulse of remodeling trends also enables our showroom to increase the value of our customers’ homes for the long term.  Having an updated, on-trend kitchen or bath that looks fresh and makes life easier and more rewarding makes a home more attractive to future buyers.  On-trend kitchens and baths will better retain their value over time.

Here are the top trends we are seeing through the first half of 2024:

  • Open floor plans are requested most often by homeowners for many good reasons.  Open floor plans improve functionality and enhance the look and feel of the space.
  • A majority of homeowners want to expand the foot print during the renovation to create more usable and functional space.
  • Homeowners in Arvada, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Denver are investing more in their kitchen renovations.  According to the 2024 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, the median spend on a kitchen remodel increased 22% from 2023 to 2024.
  • Islands remain extremely popular and the longer the span the more attractive the island has become.  The reason is that the island increasingly is where homeowners entertain and socialize with friends and family.
  • The most popular cabinet colors in order of preference are white, blue, medium-toned wood, black and gray.
  • A majority of homeowners in Arvada, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Denver  elect to replace all of the existing appliances for their new dream kitchen, opting for smart options that include touchscreens, smart home connectivity and applications that allow remote operation.
  • Increasingly, homeowners plan to remain in their homes for the foreseeable future and want their new kitchens and baths to enable them to age in place gracefully and with dignity.

We encourage homeowners in Arvada, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, and Denver to work with an experienced showroom professional who can explain major design trends and options that help them to make the best decisions for a kitchen or bath remodel that looks great, functions well, and protects their investment over the long term. Give us a call at any of our four Front Range showrooms or make an appointment to visit and let us show you how you can create a kitchen and bath that are the envy of the neighborhood and let us show you how to can take advantage of trend awareness to create a kitchen or bath that not only is the envy of the neighborhood, but also can withstand the test of time.