Real Estate Professionals Referal Program

Welcome to our Real Estate Professionals Referal Program, designed with you in mind.

Realtor referral program, realtor referring clients to JM Kitchen and Bath.

How it works:

  1. Real Estate Professional signs up to be in our referral database (at the bottom of this page)
  2. Real Estate Professional refers their customer who is a current homeowner, to JM Kitchen and Bath Design & gives the customer their card
  3. The customer comes to any of our four JM Showrooms to start a kitchen/bath remodel, and presents the real estate card
  4. Real Estate Professional can always reach out to us notifying us they sent a customer, and we will prompt realtors to update us with potential clients coming in to be sure we match customers to realtors
  5. Customer designs and orders a new kitchen/bath with us, and upon final installation and payment, we kick back a referral amount to the realtor (see tiers below)
  6. Currently, there is no cap on the number of referrals per realtor

Referral Program Tiers

$15,000-$25,000 Kitchen/Bath Sale

Real Estate Pro Referral: $250

$25,001 – $50,000 Kitchen/Bath Sale

Real Estate Pro Referral: $500

$50,001 – $100,000+ Kitchen/Bath Sale

Real Estate Pro Referral: $750

Join the Real Estate Professional Program!

Enter your details to start earning referral fees for every customer you refer to JM!

Questions, comments, or concerns about the program?

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Reach out to Lauren Barkley, our Marketing Manager

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Real Estate Professional must sign up with JM Kitchen and Bath Design and be in our database before the referral comes from the customer and can be processed
  • The customer must present the realtor’s, or real estate card upon initial in-showroom consultation at any of the JM Kitchen and Bath Design locations
  • Kitchen sale will be handled solely by JM Kitchen and Bath Design, and only upon completion and full payment will the referral be distributed to the Realtor
  • This is to be used on a house a customer owns, and not in a situation that would be an estimate for increased home value prior to inspection.
  • JM does not and will not start working with the customer until after the sale of the home is closed.
  • Please note images above do not represent actual products at each tier

Disclaimer: Can’t register clients until after the transaction is closed, and no assumed liability towards the referee.