Amazing Sinks and Faucets for Your Colorado Kitchen

Sinks can make or break the mood and style in your kitchen. There are more varieties in sink materials, shapes, sizes, and function than ever before.

black stainless steel kitchenaid appliances

Take a look at the photos of sinks below and choose your favorite. From modern stainless steel to copper to country style farm sinks, the designers at JM Kitchen & Bath can match the sink to the kitchen or bathroom style of your dreams.

Along with other Jewelry for your Kitchen, the faucets you use can really make a statement as well.

What’s Trending In Kitchen Faucets

Grey painted farm sink

Incomparable Design with Unmatched Functionality

The kitchen faucet is the most used appliance in the home, and too often it does not get the attention it deserves during a kitchen renovation. All faucets are not created equally. New advances in technology provide greater functionality and make today’s kitchen faucets not only extremely durable and functional but also fashionable. One of the dominant trends in kitchen faucetry is the addition of color. You can add personality to your new kitchens with faucets that come in a vast array of new finishes, ranging from rose gold to matte black and almost everything in between.

Copper farm sink

The size of the faucet is contingent on the amount of space in the kitchen. We often recommend high arc faucets because they provide additional functionality to sinks that can accommodate stock pots and other large pots and pans. High arc faucets also add visual appeal. But if space is at a premium around the sink, we will often suggest a smaller profile faucet.

Kohler Whitehaven Single Bowl Apron Front Sink, Cast Iron, White
Kohler Whitehaven Single Bowl Apron Front Sink, Cast Iron, White

Modern and contemporary motifs continue to trend on the upside in today’s homes, and faucet manufacturers have responded with new models that favor soft, minimalist shapes whose focal points are created by finishes instead of details. Polished chrome, stainless steel and satin nickel finishes never go out of style, however, today’s homeowners have been impressed by new color finish options that include matte black, a range of gold tones, copper, bronze and two-toned finishes that can feature matte black and brass or gold. There are stunning combinations that enable you to make a personal design statement and customize your faucet to match and complement other surfaces in your kitchen and home.

Advanced features that make cooking and clean up easier include touch and touchless activation that is perfect to start the water flow when your hands may be caked in dough, pull down and pull out spouts that make it easier to reach all sections of your kitchen sink and magnetic docking stations that keep your spout in the right place all of the time. There are even foot controls that you can use to start and stop the water flow and environmentally efficient models that help to conserve water.

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Today’s Kitchen Sink Trends

A number of our customers are attracted to farmhouse or apron front sinks. Farmhouse sinks typically are deeper than stainless steel under-mount or top-mounted sinks and they are generally easier to clean. This is because farmhouse sinks are installed under the countertop, making it easier to wipe excess water or food scraps into the sink. Farmhouse sinks also are easier on the back because they bring the sink closer to the user.

Dark natural wood cabinets with rustic lighting features

Fireclay is the most common material used to make farmhouse sinks. Fireclay sinks are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures while maintaining their original shape and size. This high firing temperature fuses the clay base with glazes to provide an extremely strong finish that is scratch, chip, and stain-resistant. Other popular materials used to make farmhouse sinks are stainless steel, natural stone, copper, cast iron, concrete, porcelain and composite materials.

Many of our clients who do not choose a farmhouse sink, opt for an under-mount instead. Under-mount sinks are fastened to the underside of the countertop. This method is used for solid surface countertops such as granite, quartz, and engineered stone. The lip where the sink meets the counter must be a finished edge. The faucet in this application typically is mounted to the countertop. We advise our customers to decide if the countertop should overhang the sink, if it should be set back from the lip letting the sink show or if the countertop should be flush with the side of the sink. Based on the customer’s preference, we provide direction to the countertop fabricator.

Other mounting options are drop-in, flush mount, or surface mounted. The choice of countertop material affects the mounting system used. Drop-in sinks have a lip that rests on the countertop surface with an integral rim. In the past, this was the traditional method of mounting sinks, especially on the tile. This sink is literally dropped into a cutout in the countertop. Drop-in sinks are often cast iron and ringed by a large, raised lip that rests on the countertop surface. Stainless steel drop-in sinks have much flatter lips. Typically, the faucet is mounted to the sink.

Flush mounted sinks are set into the counter and align evenly with the countertop material (generally tile). These are referred to as a tile-in-flange. Only a few of our customers opt for a flush-mounted sink.

Surface mount or hudee rim sinks are installed onto laminate countertops. A hudee rim is a metal frame that provides for a flush installation. It fits around the sink and is held in place by clips. These clips hold both the bowl to the rim and the rim to the counter. Although it’s nearly flush with the countertop, a common complaint is that grime and moisture get trapped on both sides of the metal rim. That’s why we don’t specify a lot of surface-mounted sinks.

kitchen sink

We can customize your kitchen from this large selection of kitchen sinks, faucets, and fixtures to create your one-of-a-kind kitchen design.

The Galley Workstation – Much More Than a Sink

Galley kitchen sink workstation

Learn more about The Galley Workstation Sinks here. We offer sinks and plumbing fixtures by all these major manufacturers: American StandardBlancoDanzeElkayFranke, Fiat, GroheHansgrohe, Hamat USA, InSinkErator, JacuzziLenova SinksKWC, Kohler, RobernWhitehaus and many others.

Kohler has a wonderful online utility where you can mix and match kitchen sink colors and styles, faucet styles and finishes and countertop colors to create the perfect custom look you want for your new or remodeled kitchen. Explore the other links above for even more sink and fixture options.

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