How Much Should I Spend on a Kitchen Remodel?

Expert Designers Paul & Joel at JM Kitchen & Bath Design in Denver & Castle Rock explore options for keeping your kitchen remodeling budget low, and what options take your kitchen remodel to the next level of joy.

10-15% of the value of the home is a good rule of thumb.

The price for a kitchen remodel is of course a moving target because of all the different options you have. If you are changing the footprint of the kitchen then the cost is going to be higher.

Keep Your Footprint

If you are keeping the exact same footprint and not moving walls, soffits, electrical in the ceiling, and the appliances, not moving plumbing or gas outlets also greatly reduce the costs.

You have the option of keeping function lower than you would on the higher end of the budget. These options keep you in the lower end of the kitchen remodeling price range.

Higher End Kitchen Remodeling Options

This kitchen remodeling project features Dark natural wood cabinets with rustic lighting features

Custom or Semi Custom Cabinetry

You will expect a higher quality box with each cabinet with thicker wood, usually will omit particleboard, you will get dovetail drawers, full extension soft closing drawers, and soft-close hinges are standard with custom and semi-custom cabinetry.

You’ll also have the option of Frameless or European style cabinet construction is popular for those seeking simple, more contemporary cabinet designs. This construction eliminates the cabinet face frame, and a denser box is used to achieve necessary stability.

Framed Cabinets will be your other option built with rails and stiles that form the face frame at the front of the cabinet box. The frame is attached to the door front giving the cabinet extra strength and dimension. Common door types found on framed cabinets include standard, full overlay, partial overlay, and inset.

The selection of colors and wood choices for your cabinets double when compared to the average big box brand of cabinetry.

Large glass door stainless steel refrigerator luxury appliances in the kitchen remodeling project

Luxury Appliances

The type, size, number of appliances will of course bump up the cost of a kitchen remodeling project. You can add under counter appliances like a small refrigerator to store drinks or snacks for the kids, and under-counter microwave.

Smart kitchen appliances are trending this year that give you options like HotSpot CookTop that can recognize pots, pans or food placed on the surface. If the food item does not have a uniform thickness, think of a salmon fillet, the HotSpot automatically applies more heat to the center than to the ends so that the item cooks evenly.

Smart refrigerators offer more than the ability to keep food fresh. Technologically advanced fridges keep track of your grocery lists, let you order food online, leave notes for family members, watch videos, listen to music and look up and follow recipes.

Smart dishwashers allow you to use your smartphone to turn the dishwasher on and off remotely, determine how much energy you are using and receive alerts if the appliance is not functioning properly.

Contemporary Black Painted Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Kitchen Remodeling Joy

I sell a lot on joy!

Paul Preister

To simply have the things you need while you are cooking, prepping meals, working at the sink, loading, and unloading your dishwasher right at hand and not chasing across your kitchen for all those things like most people do when they make do, brings a kind of joy that you only get when your kitchen remodeling project is designed by a kitchen designer.

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