Creating Unprecedented Value in Your Home

A combination of increased interest rates and limited inventory of new homes and homes for sale is contributing to the strong demand among homeowners in Denver, CO to undertake renovation projects in 2023.  This reflects a national survey that found many homeowners want to improve their existing home because the cost of moving into a house that fits their current needs has become too expensive.  Additionally, more than 50% of homeowners surveyed reported that they do not plan to sell or move in the next 20 years or ever. 

Many homeowners in Denver, CO have realized that it is more cost-effective to renovate their existing home than to purchase a new one.  And one of the major projects that homeowners Denver, CO are undertaking is to improve the performance, capabilities, and enjoyment of their primary bath.    

Imagine washing away the stresses of the day while sitting in your blue-tooth controlled steam shower enjoying your favorite music and cleansing the impurities from your body – that’s priceless! 

Almost every homeowner in Denver, CO asks how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom.  The answer is  – it depends.  There are numerous factors that affect project cost. Moving walls, electrical, plumbing, and other infrastructure items behind walls will add to the price tag. 

Here’s how we create value and help assure that budgets are stretched to meet bathroom-remodeling goals. We start with the right layout. New baths not only have to be beautiful, but also they need to be functional.  

Labor is the biggest cost of any bathroom renovation and the bottom line on labor is affected by size and shape of the bath and scope of the project.  Odd shapes and larger baths will generally be more costly than a conventional sized and shaped bath.   

We also know where the greatest returns on investments are in a remodel. One is to allocate more resources to the products that you will use every day such as the shower system.  Vanities allow you to make a personal and unique design statement.  

Little details matter a lot. Hardware for your cabinet doors and drawers is comparable to the jewelry you select when going out for a night on the town. It makes a huge difference but does not have to have a Tiffany price tag. You can make a striking statement with the right hardware. 

Lighting provides another opportunity to obtain a lux look on a limited budget. Lighting is primarily responsible for how your new bath will look and feel. When you compromise the quality of light, you compromise the entire project. Today, lighting technology offers unlimited options to create different moods and feelings every time you use your bath or kitchen. Plus, pendants, chandeliers, under cabinet, in drawer, in cabinet, under cabinet, and well placed in-ceiling lighting offers another opportunity to express your individual style within a defined budget. 

Flooring represents an opportunity to stretch budget dollars as well. Large ceramic tiles installed diagonally give a rich impression without a corresponding large price tag.  

Are you unsure if you have the budget to renovate your bath and achieve your goals? Please give us a call at one of our locations here or make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms here.