Best Practices for Planning Your Dream Kitchen

picture of a kitchen

We know that homeowners in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO spend months researching different products, styles, design trends, and other factors that they believe they want and need before coming to our showroom to create their dream kitchens. We find that despite their best efforts most homeowners in Colorado don’t know where to begin. Here are best practices to help save time, improve focus, and make the process a lot more enjoyable and fun.

Determine the issues with your existing kitchen

Write down where your existing kitchen does not work. This may include a lack of counter space, dim lighting, outdated cabinets, lack of storage, maneuverability, and flow, among others. Concurrently, document the must-haves. These may include custom cabinets, creating additional space, bringing more natural light to the space, and a pantry that has a place for everything and everything has a place.  Make a wish list that addresses your lifestyle. Kitchens no longer serve utilitarian purposes. For many homeowners, the kitchen must serve multiple functions ranging from the hub of the home to office space, classroom, and café. Knowing the multifunctional requirements of your dream kitchen enables designers to create different zones in the kitchen for different tasks, which serves to maximize the functionality of the available space.  

Invest wisely 

The number one regret of homeowners nationwide who recently renovated their kitchens is the lack of storage space. Invest in storage. Other areas of the kitchen where making an investment will pay multiple dividends are quality cabinets and countertops. There’s a reason why engineered quartz is the preferred countertop for homeowners in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO.  It is timeless, easy to clean, won’t stain, and offers styles and colors that will meet almost any décor requirement.

Budget realistically

While home improvement television shows can be a great source of inspiration and ideas, those shows do homeowners a disservice to their timelines and budgets. Almost always, the budgets do not include the cost of labor and the timelines do not account for the time necessary for design, permit approval, scheduling, product fulfillment, and other factors. If you need assistance with creating a realistic budget or prioritizing your investment in a dream new kitchen, give us a call or make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms in Denver, Castle Rock, Arvada, and Colorado Springs.