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Taylor Tim - Designer

Taylor Tim


Taylor Tim grew up in Ames, Iowa as the daughter of an architect, who passed down his design and architecture skills, ultimately sparking her interest to study interior design in college. Taylor earned an interior design degree in a Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA)-accredited program at the University of Northern Iowa in the early 2010s. Following graduation, she immediately went to work for a family-owned interior design business selling cabinets, plumbing, and lighting, as well as designing.

By fate, in 2016, Taylor attended the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas and was returning to Iowa, with a layover in Denver, and happened to sit next to the owner of JM Kitchen and Bath Design. The two struck up a conversation during the flight, discussing their love for interior design. She received his business card and ultimately a job. Taylor and her husband Sam moved to Denver and she has designed at JM Kitchen and Bath Design since 2017.

Taylor says what makes her good at her job is always maintaining a sense of calmness. In major home renovation projects, it’s easy for clients to become stressed as issues arise, and Taylor preserves a steady balance to put her clients at ease and keep the project on course. She also strives to forge personal relationships with her clients, enabling them to become comfortable and trusting in her. Taylor’s goal at the end of every project is to perform her job so well that her clients reward her with a hug. “With many of these projects, it’s a huge investment – something my clients have saved for a long time – so I want them to be as comfortable as possible with me and enjoy the process.”

Taylor attributes her skills as being inherited from her father, as she notes that interior design is “a lot closer to architecture than it is to decorating”. She particularly enjoys the technical aspects of each and every job – and relishes creating detailed 3D design renderings so her clients can visualize exactly what they’re getting and to see themselves in the new space.
Taylor appreciates being a part of the JM Kitchen and Bath Design team because it’s a group of very talented, experienced designers who have successfully completed thousands of projects. And, JM’s access to superior products enables her and her fellow designers to provide better solutions for their clients. “From the designers to the installers, the contractors, and the products we put in, we can’t be beat,” she says.

Outside of work Taylor is fond of taking advantage of Colorado’s temperate climate, which she says is night-and-day better than the freezing-cold winters and steamy summers she grew up with in Iowa. It allows her enjoy outdoor activities all year round, as she loves hiking and exploring nature. She also satisfies her creative side by spending free time painting. Taylor and her husband Sam have been married six years and are expecting their first baby.