Julie Mann

Julie Mann

As part of the JM Kitchen & Bath Design team, Julie helps clients realize their desires through functional and innovative design. We design with a level of detail that you just will not find in other showrooms. Reaching the design challenge and knowing that expectations are high – these things make us thrive as designers.

For over thirty years Julie has been improving peoples’ homes through décor and finishes. Being raised and doing business in a small town taught Julie the importance of strong morals and integrity in her everyday life. Her business focuses on customer service, respect, and honesty.

After moving to Denver in 2002, Julie earned her B.A. in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Colorado. As an unconventional student, Julie found a comfortable place among the other creatives. She spread her wings and graduated top of her class.

As an Interior / Kitchen & Bath Designer, Julie feels the importance of educating her clients about safety and products they put in their homes. They should know why one cabinet is different from another, and why there are ranges in pricing. Education in what products are available and how to determine which are best for each space is important in a functional design strategy.

Laughter and humor are imperative for the stresses of construction & remodeling. Julie works hard to make this process go smoothly. Occasionally, it does not. With understanding and sometimes humor, Julie works to calm matters and find the best solutions. Her ability to continue with a calm, no-nonsense approach is important to her clients as well.

Julie loves to paint abstract acrylics, and have fun with her extended family. She is searching for volunteer opportunities within the disabled community. She wants to be of service and allow others to be independent and live a more untethered life.

Call JM Denver and ask for Julie. Whether you have ideas of what you want, or are completely lost, Julie will help you through the entire process. Let’s sit down together and talk through your remodel questions. I want to be your teacher, supporter, and advocate through this project. I look forward to meeting you!