Christine Coleman

Christine Coleman

Christine Coleman


Christine Coleman has been in interior design business since 2009, and joined JM Kitchen and Bath Design in January 2021. Her father was artist who inspired her own artistic ability, as she grew up creating architectural drawings. She had a love – and a knack – for designing spaces, and acquired her first experience by designing areas of her own homes over the years. But her career path as an interior designer was cemented when she and her husband built a custom home, designing the kitchen herself and working with the architect to develop the drawings.

Christine went to college and earned a degree in interior design, graduating in December 2009, and started her own business a month later. Now with JM Kitchen and Bath Design, Christine loves to create spaces that the customer is already imagining, but doesn’t know how to accomplish on their own. She strives to develop a space that “turns out 1000 times better than her clients ever imagined.”

“People watch the HGTVs of the world and think it’s really simple, but it isn’t,” Christine says. “It’s important for me to have a personal relationship with my clients, because you have to know how they live and how they interact with the rest of their family to be able to design a kitchen or bath. A bathroom is a very intimate space, so you have to be sure it functions for everyone. And a kitchen is like the heart of the home, where everyone hangs out. It has to function well, whether they’re entertaining or just serving dinner every night. So, I really work to get to know them and earn their trust. I want to understand my client’s vision, and assure them that their project will ultimately turn out as anticipated, or better.”

Christine’s philosophy ensures that everybody – no matter what their budget — deserves an impressive design. She draws her design inspirations by listening to the client’s ideas, observing other elements of the home, and uses her natural ability along with a dozen years of professional design experience to develop a vision for the new space.

Christine enjoys adding unexpected elements to every project. She notes that most people are hesitant to step outside their box, and she has the ability to look beyond the ordinary in design; whether it’s adding color to a cabinet, or an interesting backsplash they may not have considered until she suggests it.

“I try to do things that someone isn’t going to have in the house next door,” she says. “I want every design that I draw to be unique to that particular client. I’m not a designer that has a ‘go to’ or a signature style. It’s whatever my client wants, combined with my expertise to bring it to life.”
Christine loves design so much that she also works on it in her free time away from JM. She’s constantly working on projects at home, and currently redesigning her family’s 1955 mid-century modern ranch. When not designing, she loves to put together large jigsaw puzzles, which she equates to the tasks involved with redesigning kitchens and bathrooms – they’re like puzzles that you have to fit together with pieces of cabinetry and function. She also loves to unwind by playing the game “mahjong”.

Christine was born and raised in Arvada, and still lives there along with her husband, Dirk, of 25 years. They also have a daughter, Merissa, in college. Christine loves living in Colorado for the nature, outdoor activities, great weather, and friendly people – especially those she gets to work with on kitchen and bath projects.