Are Microwaves Going the Way of the Horse and Buggy?

Not too long ago, almost every new kitchen we designed included a microwave. Not so now, because an increasing number of our clients in Denver are looking at alternatives that provide better performance and more functionality. That’s not to say that microwaves are on the road to extinction. Last year, nearly 344 million units sold in the United States, and currently, almost 97% of American homes have a microwave according to the Census Bureau.

Traditional painted cabinet kitchen with large center island

The trend today among our clients in Colorado is to replace your microwave with a speed, steam or combination speed/steam oven. Even though microwaves have a variety of functions, the predominate uses are to defrost food, warm up your coffee, pop popcorn and reheat food. Rarely do our clients use their microwave for cooking.

steam oven alternative to microwave oven

The reasons for steam/speed oven preference become obvious when clients consider the benefits they offer. Those ovens provide both convection and microwave heating capabilities. Speed and steam ovens additionally appeal to those desiring a healthier lifestyle. Combination steam/speed ovens retain more nutrients during the cooking process than microwaves because they enable food to retain all of its moisture. They do not require the use of oils or fats for cooking.

Not only is the preparation process healthier, but food cooked in a steam or speed oven also tastes better. Steam and speed cooking helps to preserve the color, texture and flavor of food, and in a steam oven, there is no crossover of flavors when simultaneously cooking different foods. Your salmon will taste like salmon, and your broccoli will taste like broccoli even if they are cooked at the same time in the same oven. Steam/speed ovens have comparable defrost and reheating capabilities of microwaves. The only thing a steam/speed oven can’t do is cook microwave popcorn.

Another benefit of the speed/steam ovens that Denver residents enjoy is flexibility. Few, if any, of our clients want us to place a microwave at eye level. That’s not the case with steam/speed combination ovens. Our clients like the convenience of a combination oven at eye level because they don’t have to bend over to use it. For clients that still want a microwave, they often prefer a microwave drawer, especially in open floor plan kitchens where wall space is at a premium.

drawer microwave oven in this kitchen design denver colorado

Would you like to change your microwave for a combination steam/speed oven that enables you to prepare healthier, tastier and more attractive meals?

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