This is Not Your Mom’s Laundry Room

wood cabinets and utility sink in large laundry room

The laundry room is often treated like a poor stepchild in the home, relegated to the basement, housed in a closet or shoved in the corner. Doing laundry isn’t considered a glamorous activity, and the space frequently reflects the task. Blah! However, clean clothes are essential, and when the laundry room is clean, bright and well organized, the chore can take on an entire new and positive vibe.

massive area for coats, boots, school bags and more done in natural wood.

Understand the Potential of a Laundry Room

Keys to effective laundry room spaces are an abundance of storage, places to hang clothes, and space for folding. A sink in this space can serve multiple purposes ranging from bathing pets to handwashing delicate garments. Similar to kitchens and bathrooms, open floor plan laundry spaces can serve multiple functions that may include a mudroom, craft area, exercise room, or playroom.

Gorgeous Laundry Room and Mud Room Designed by Mike Thulson located in Denver Colorado
Painted shaker cabinets keep this custom laundry room looking neat & tidy

This Denver laundry room doubles as a mud room as well as providing ample space for folding clothing, hanging clothing and even doing crafts on the countertops over the washer & dryer. It also provides ample space for storing both laundry and cleaning supplies as well as boots, gloves, hats and other outdoor gear for Colorado weather. We think Mike Thulson and his team did a fabulous job creating a laundry room to make anyone swoon.

mud room storage area in laundry room
A mud room space for book bags, work bags, shoes, boots, hats, gloves and more.

Laundry Appliance Options

There are two main choices for washers and dryers: top-load or front-load. Top-loading appliances are easier to use — simply lift the lid and drop the clothes in. Front-loading requires a little more effort. Typically top-load washers are less costly and run more quickly than front-loading counterparts. 

Consumer Reports claims that top-load washers also spin faster, which removes more water and thereby reduces dryer time. If you opt for a top-loading machine, be mindful of the depth. For shorter clients, it may literally be a reach to remove clothes. Consumer Reports also claims that the front-loading machines clean better, are gentler, and use less water than top-loading machines. The choice really may come down to aesthetics. Which look do you prefer?

countertop and hanging space in this laundry room renovation
Front loading machines allow for more countertop and hanging space.

As you can see with the laundry room featured here, the front loading machines created more countertop space for the homeowners.

Doing More With Less Space

Many laundry spaces are not large. To maximize the space and make it look larger and more functional you might want to consider a stacking washer and dryer. Floor-to-ceiling storage, retractable hanging spaces and cabinets can also increase functionality.

large laundry room in denver
Floor to ceiling storage in this laundry room renovation in Denver

Environmental Efficiency

There is a wide range of eco-friendly products that use less water and energy without compromising performance.

Both of the laundry rooms featured here were designed by Mike Thulson & his team at JM Kitchen & Bath Design.

Design by Mike JM Kitchen & Bath

If you are interested in transforming your drab laundry room into something truly exceptional, give Mike or any of our JM Designers a call at (303) 688-8279  in Castle Rock or (303) 300-4400 in Denver Colorado. You can schedule a consultation here, or drop by one of our showrooms. We are happy to help you take your laundry room to a new level.