Dynasty by Omega Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

We are so excited to bring you these new special features on our website. JM’s designers know that by having the most information, options, and research done before you finalize your new kitchen or bath design, the happier you will be with the end product.

Three of our manufacturers have helped with many interactive features to help you create the perfect room in the perfect style for you and your family and keep it in your remodel budget range. The first one we are going to share is the Dynasty by Omega semi-custom line of cabinetry.

We have samples of all of the manufacturer’s cabinets we carry at all our showroom locations so you can see, feel and compare these products in person after you’ve explored your options on the website.

Dynasty by Omega Semi-Custom Line of Cabinets

On the new Dynasty Cabinet page, you find a “get started” page that helps you through steps like:

  • Design 101
  • Working with a Designer
  • Trends
  • Green Guide
  • Cabinet 101
  • Cabinet Construction
  • Choosing a Wood
  • Finishes, Glazes & Opaques
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Choosing Hardware
  • Molding & Accents
  • Storage Solutions
  • Budget Calculator

One of the first questions you will be asked is what is your style? Or is a blend of styles that will make your kitchen a one-of-a-kind showroom into the heart of your family. If you aren’t sure, this guide will help you discover which fits your lifestyle best.

  • Casual –  This style allows for a mixture of ideas and shows an appreciation for freedom, non-conformity and self-expression. Expect to see:
    • Eclectic accessories like modern art next to a family heirloom
    • Bold accent walls
    • Architectural elements from simple arches to ornate rosettes
  • Contemporary – Contemporary style relies on sleek, smooth and polished facades to add create a modern level of elegance. When going for Contemporary, think streamlined, cultured and bold. Expect to see:
    • Natural materials like aluminum, leather, glass and stone
    • Few but bold accessories
    • Subtle geometric design elements
  • Rustic –  We like to call this Colorado Rustic at JM – At times raw and weathered, and at others softly distressed, this warm and relaxed style brings the charm of the Rocky Mountains in with natural materials, carved woods, heavy copper or iron and a patchwork of textures and embellishments that all come together to tell a uniquely long and rich story. Expect to see:
    • Decorations inspired by nature or personal memories
    • Worn, country antiques
    • Distressed edges and rough or faded paint
    • Cyclical embellishments that bring the seasons inside
    • A spectrum of colors that add pattern through texture
    • Visit our Colorado Rustic kitchen designs here.
  • Traditional – Traditional uses a variety of colors, elaborate motifs, and a blend of materials to breathe new life into century-old styling. This style maintains order and refinement through symmetry and balance.Expect to see:
    • Many patterns and textures
    • Gilded details
    • Elaborate hardware
    • Rich colors that compliment one another
    • A blend of curved, irregular and straight lines
    • The Traditional Cabinet gallery 

This video walks you through some of the unique new additions and attention to detail that you will find when you purchase Dynasty cabinets.