Mid-Year Design Trends

We’ve entered the second half of 2020 and want to share the design trends that stood out during the first half of the year in Denver Colorado.

2020 design trends

Split finishes are in vogue in everything from plumbing fixtures and appliances to door and cabinet hardware. We’ve seen ear-to-ear smiles when we present combination black and gold finishes to our clients in Denver. Specifying gold refrigerator pulls on a matte black refrigerator creates a dramatic and refined focal point in any kitchen. We also have had an extremely positive reception pairing black and silver tones in all design motifs – traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

white kitchen remodel denver co

Mixed materials are another trend in new kitchens and baths in Colorado. Combining metal, stone, wood, and glass are on point for many homeowners and builders. Imagine an island that features an engineered stone top contrasted with two-tone wood paneling and a matte black sink with gold-finished faucet. Simply gorgeous.

bath trend mixed metal

Similar to mixing materials is specifying contrasting colors. Different colored upper and lower cabinets continue to gain in popularity.

White and blue painted cabinets with granite countertop

Functional furniture is also making a new home in kitchens and baths. Homeowners in Metro Denver warmly respond to suggestions for desk space, separate storage cabinetry and pantries, open shelving, and other solutions that are more reminiscent of furniture found in other places in the home than traditional kitchen cabinetry.

Modern European Kitchen Remodel Denver Colorado by Juli
Modern European Kitchen Remodel Denver Colorado by Juli

White kitchen cabinetry continues to rank as the number one preference in Denver. However, we see white trending in other materials and fixtures beyond cabinetry. White finished appliances, split chrome and white faucetry and split white toned lighting make for a dramatic statement in any kitchen. Other trending colors for finishes in kitchens and baths include champagne, bronze, gray, gold and black.

Smart appliances and fixtures also continue to gain in popularity. Many homeowners along the front range like having the ability to preheat their ovens from a smartphone app. Smart technology for the kitchen helps make homeowners’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Smart technology also enables homeowners to react to potential maintenance and malfunction issues immediately. For example, a smartphone alert can notify a homeowner that a refrigerator door may have been left open or that the dishwasher is leaking.

The kitchen design plays a critical role in connecting it as the most important room in the home with other spaces. That helps to explain the popularity of open floor plan kitchens. Your new kitchen has to look out-of-this-world and serve multiple purposes and functions, spanning from the space where meals are prepared to a central gathering place for family and friends. A well-designed kitchen combines stylish aesthetics with durable and functional finishes and materials.

dramatic contemporary black & white kitchen renovation

How can you capitalize on new design trends and technology to create the kitchen or bath of your dreams? Please schedule a consultation here, drop by one of our showrooms or give us a call at (303) 300-4400 in Denver or (303) 688-8279  in Castle Rock Colorado.