Colorado Rustic Kitchen Gallery

Rustic Kitchens with Distressed cabinets are still popular throughout Colorado. 

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Colorado homes with their views of the mountains and pine trees lend themselves so well to JM’s custom designed rustic wood kitchens. Browse the photo gallery to see the many ways you can combine your style with our designers guidance to create the kitchen that is perfect for your outdoor lifestyle.

Rustic kitchens often have elements of distressed wood, natural finishes on cabinets and flooring and natural wall accents like rock or brick. Country kitchens are known for their “down home” style, but with the right design touches, they can be the perfect combination of country comfort and high style. When it comes to country kitchen cabinets, a good place to start is with which material you want to use. Traditionally, wood is the material of choice for a more rustic kitchen look. Other materials, like laminate, may be able to approximate the appearance of natural woods—but if you’re looking for the genuine article for your cabinets, there are a few species that are best suited for a rustic appearance.

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