Bathtubs – Old Fashioned or Luxury you Need?

Cherry Hill Village Master Bathroom Remodel
Are Tubs Going the Way of Horse and Buggy?

For more than a century, almost every master and secondary bathroom in North American homes was outfitted with a drop-in bathtub. That’s not the case as we approach the third decade of the 21st century. Given the frenetic pace of everyday life, who has time to soak in a tub? That’s a question many hotel developers are answering by eliminating tubs altogether. Hilton’s Canopy brand has replaced the tub with a barrier-free, walk-in shower. Marriott also is foregoing tubs for walk-in showers at properties that are part of the brand’s Autograph Collection. Both hoteliers are not eliminating tubs completely, however. They are outfitting their suites with tubs to evoke a more luxurious feel and look to the space.

Do you need or want a tub?

That’s a question we almost always ask our clients when they are renovating their bathrooms. Tubs serve multiple purposes and should not be summarily dismissed just because of a busy schedule and lifestyle. When designing a bath, the overall goal is creating a room that offers the greatest amount of enjoyment in the least amount of space. Today’s master bathrooms offer homeowners the opportunity to create a personal refuge, represent a space that can promote health and well-being and provide a few minutes to wash away the stresses of the day.

Modern bathroom with glass shower and tub

Bathtub manufacturers have upped the ante. Today’s freestanding tubs resemble works of sculpture that give a room a sense of luxury and good taste. Form is only one of the distinguishing features of today’s tubs. Tubs today can be equipped with spa-like jets and air systems or both that offer warm, circulating water to relax tired muscles, relieve aches and pains from overexertion, improve circulation and remove unhealthy toxins from your body. Additionally, properly designed hydro-massage systems provide a personalized massage that invites repetitive use that enhances your health and well-being. You can outfit your tub with light therapy and aromatherapy that helps to recharge your batteries and reduce stress.

Contemporary bathroom with walk-in shower

Many of our clients believe that they need a tub for resale value and therefore elect to place tubs in secondary baths in their home. There is a large slice of the population that want to see a free-standing or system bath in the master bath as well. Consider a tub in your master or secondary bath as comparable to a dining room or fireplace. They are great to have, but are not necessarily used every day.

Designing a dream bathroom that is a spa-like oasis that offers easy-to-use functionality involves choosing materials and finishes that create a warm feel and comfort to a room. Bathtubs often contribute to that aura. Do you want or need a tub in your master bath? Would you like to replace the tub in your main bathroom with a stand up shower? Give us a call or drop by to discuss your options.

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