Modern Kitchen Photo Gallery

Browse our Modern Contemporary Kitchen Design Photo Gallery which shows you lots of options for your kitchens and kitchen cabinets in the Denver CO area.

Modern Kitchen Design this year is a softer look than you might think of with the word contemporary and many blend into a Transitional Look.

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What is a Modern / Transitional Style Kitchens

“For the first time ever Traditional style kitchen design has been bumped down the second place as ‘’transitional’’ style takes number one. What is transitional? Transitional is a ’’soft contemporary.’’ It is a cross between traditional and contemporary. It’s less formal, has simplified lines and is a bit more sleek but warmer than modern.” says Architecture Examiner Kimberlee Speerbecker

Modern Kitchen Trends in Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are still in vogue but appliances that blend in with your kitchen cabinets or with panels that match your cabinets are gaining popularity. Built-in, hidden and extra smaller appliances are moving into other areas of your home like a butlers pantry near to your entertaining area, a wine cooler alongside your bar or microwaves built in the lower cabinets or in a microwave drawer or really contemporary microwave oven designs like this one.

Form meets function in modern kitchen sinks

The appeal of apron-front sinks has evolved along with the kitchen, thanks to their unique combination of beauty and functionality.

“Apron-front sinks are like beautiful but oh-so-functional sculpture, and they provide a strong, dramatic focal point in a kitchen,” says interior designer Marianne Kohlmann of Milwaukee’s Blue Hot Design. “Practically speaking, if you cook with large stock pots or bake on cookie sheets, having a wide and deep single- or double-bowl apron-front sink makes cleaning up a pleasure.”

Besides being large enough to accommodate oversize pots and pans, apron-front sinks are also ergonomically friendly. Often oriented farther forward than typical drop-in or under-mount sinks, they let you get closer and work with less stress and strain. The classic deep bowl of the apron-front sink also means less splashing while you work, and fewer puddles on surrounding surfaces, floors and walls. Source: Kohler

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Modern Lighting

Lighting style also plays a large part in a modern or transitional style of kitchen. No longer is just one large light fixture in the center of the cooking space enough. A more layered approach with lights under the cabinets, under the counters, inside the appliance garage  along with track lighting  or beautiful yet functional pendant lighting.

Islands are a feature in almost every modern kitchen design if your space is large enough and our designers often add eating space right into your island or perhaps an additional sink area right next to the stove for the professional foodies in Denver.

Modern Kitchen Colors

Modern kitchens can really be any color and is much more a matter of preference. Grey wood painted or stained cabinets are very trendy right now with earthy and neutral colors a close second. Black and white always makes a great modern statement as do wild and bright colors like you see in the photo gallery above utilizing tangerine, bright reds, yellow and bright blue.  There’s also nothing wrong with mixing your colors. Our designers often use one wood color for the main kitchen cabinets and offset the island with a different complimentary or contrasting color choice.

Interesting Range Hoods

Exciting range hoods are coming into vogue this season with modern materials like stone, copper, stainless steel, wood and stone.

Backsplashes are going glass… again

Along with the popular glass mosiac tiles, be watching for solid sheets of glass options for your backsplash as we head into 2014.

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