Crystal Cabinets LEED Points and Green Cabinets

GreenQuest earns all of the available points for the green building ratings systems that we’ve reviewed, including LEED and the National Green Building Standard as well as local programs.

The acronym LEED refers to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a set of green building criteria established by the US Green Building Council for various types of construction projects. Under the LEED system, entire structures or projects become third-party certified, not single products. The available points for cabinetry are a small part of the overall points needed to certify the project. The point structure varies by LEED system and type of project.


At JM Kitchen and Bath we use Green building products whenever clients request it for their  kitchens in the Denver Metro CO area.

Crystal’s GreenQuest cabinets were designed to earn eligible points for cabinetry under all LEED systems and will contribute toward project certification, depending on the green attributes specified.

Under LEED-2009, Crystal’s GreenQuest cabinetry can earn points for recycled content (particleboard and MDF), regional materials (if within 500 mile radius), rapid-renewability (bamboo), FSC-certified wood (various species), and low-emitting wood coatings (water-based finishes) and low-emitting composite wood products (Green-Core).

Under LEED for Homes, Crystal’s GreenQuest cabinetry can earn points for recycled content (particleboard and MDF), FSC-certification (various species), and no-added urea formaldehyde resins (Green-Core). (Note: LEED-H does not allow points to be earned for cabinet finishes.)

If you are curious about JM’s green and earth friendly products just give us a call at either of our showrooms in Denver.